Working Groups

Working Groups

Working groups are an opportunity for pupils to work together across ages and stages to develop the four capacities – particularly responsible citizenship.  There are five working groups and each group takes an issue and develops an action plan for the year to address this issue.  This year all working groups have championed the United Nation’s Global Goals for Sustainable Development and each group is taking responsibility for different goals.






Global group wants to raise awareness about the United Nation’s Global Goals for Sustainable Development.  Pupils in P5-7 are planning a whole school initiative to build a Sculpture Trail in Hazlehead Park.  Each sculpture will represent one of the 17 Global Goals.  Each class in school will make one of the sculptures and the Global Group will make the rest.   We are working in partnership with Seaton Primary who will also build a sculpture trail in Seaton Park.  Our hope is that our efforts will increase awareness across the city of what we need to work on together in order to have a fairer world for all.

In addition the Primary 1-4 pupils in the group have been creating Global Goal Super Heroes to be displayed within the school with examples of what we are doing as a school to meet the Global Goals.


Health group continued to raise the profile of a healthy lifestyle in November through the whole school challenge ‘Movember’. This fantastic work has been shared and displayed in classes. Reflective discussions have been had to make this an even better event this next year.

Primary 6 and 7 continue to develop their leadership skills by creating and supporting younger pupils through physical activities. Key skills they have focused on have been communication, organisation, decision making and problem solving.

‘Stranger Danger’ and promoting staying safe in the dark remains a priority for the health group especially during the winter months. Posters have been created and displayed around the school to inform others of this.

Our focus for the coming term will be to develop our understanding of online safety and develop our skills in Scottish Country Dancing in preparation for the whole school ceilidh.

If you have any ideas on how we can further promote Health and Wellbeing at Hazlehead let our Health Reps know.

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