P7 – 2022/23

Welcome to P7, Class of 22/23

Here is our termly overview, we have loads of things to look forward to over the coming weeks!

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Last week we went on our P7 Residential Trip to Cromdale.  What a week!! We all had the best time and were super tired after some great activities.  Here are some of our highlights:

One school value I showed was respect. I was encouraging everyone to try their best even if they were a bit scared. I also made sure everyone was feeling included and felt safe. Rachel

My favourite thing about Cromdale was the gorge walking because we got to jump off of the rocks surrounding the gorge. I also liked it because it was a challenge getting up some parts of the gorge. Bradley

My best memory will be the fun times I had with my friends at the activities, in the dorms, the playground and even the lunch hall because those moments we all shared were wonderful 🙂 Meesha

One thing that I learnt about myself was that I do quite like lots of food if I try them, because I usually have a habit of not trying things. Lucy

Here is a snapshot of our learning over the first few weeks, by Yiosa and Moaz:

Literacy – We have working on Imaginative Writing, learning strategies to help us plan a story. Some ways of getting ideas are:

  • Writing your name on the top of a sheet of paper then folding it to hide your name.  You then pass the paper to someone else and let them choose a character, pass it on and let the next person choose a setting.  You keep doing these with all parts of the story and there at the end, there is your plan!
  • You can also use a Story Mountain Planner where you imagine starting at the bottom of a mountain (start of your story), climbing to the top (climax) and back to the bottom (ending).

We have also learned great amounts of vocabulary by exploring the thesaurus. We have also been trying to include similes and metaphors. 

Numeracy – In Numeracy we are solving problems by learning different strategies  and the steps to do so. We have started looking at Data Handling by undertaking our own surveys.  We will use these to create graphs.

Cross Curricular – In Cross Curricular we have already learned so much about space.  We have explored comets, asteroids and meteors to create our own Thinglinks.  We also created our own solar system in Art by dividing it up and designing our own section.  When we put the pieces back together it looked pretty cool! We learned that there are billions of Universe’s upon us. We would like to learn more about the Trappist-1 system and the planets in it.