Associated Schools Group

Other schools in our Associated Schools Group are:

  • Kingsford Primary
  • Airyhall Primary
  • Fernielea Primary
  • Hazlehead Primary
  • Hazlehead Academy

As an associated schools group we work in partnership with each other to develop consistent policies and approaches.  Currently we are working together on an IT improvement plan in order to have a consistent approach to the use of information technology across our schools.  We are working to improve the use of Google Drive as a platform for sharing and extending learning outwith our individual schools.

We also work closely together on a variety of projects to improve transitions between primary and secondary school.  The transition process begins in primary 6 and continues through P7 so the pupils have multiple opportunities to visit the local academy and develop relationships with staff and pupils between the schools.  Secondary teachers deliver extra lessons in the primary schools for science and modern languages and many secondary pupils choose to develop leadership skills by running projects within the primary schools.

These close working relationships ensure pupils have rich learning experiences throughout their time in the Hazlehead ASG.