Digital Leaders – Training – Week 1 

Today the Digital Leaders were given a brief recap about Online Safety and the importance of this within the school environment and beyond.  They then completed a quiz and discussed the results as a group. Finally we had a look at the Digital Leaders notice board and agreed on what information we need to add to it.

For next week we will create a rota of jobs for digital leaders and mount photographs on the board so people know who we are.


We are delighted to announce our new digital leaders for this session. After completing a written application to Mrs Gordon & Ms McFadyen the pupils were selected for their interest in Digital Technologies, their willingness to look after the technologies equipment, help others and their understanding of online safety.
P7 Marwan, Hashir, Thomas

P6/7 Aistis, Lauren, Freya

P6 Will, Leighton

P5M Heather, Chloe

P5B Oscar, Anna

P4G Aaron, Sophie

P4H Ellie, Erin

Primary 3 

This week in digital technology Primary 3C have been learning all about coding. They have coded a classmate, and used the iPads to code Daisy Dinosaur.