Relevant Information

Hazlehead Primary School is located on the western side of Aberdeen.  We have approximately 280 primary pupils and 80 nursery places.  The school is one of the 3R schools and is a new build near Hazlehead Park.  We encourage learning to take place both in the classroom and in the community so children can develop conceptual understanding of how to apply the skills they are learning in school. LoansCashNet

The school grounds has plenty of green space for play, exploration and learning.  We also use the park and the running track located near the school.  We encourage an active lifestyle and provide many opportunities for children to get active and involved through sport, music, drama, art and philanthropy.  We believe it is important to give back to our community in order to develop a greater appreciation for the world we live in.

Our school motto is:  When you believe in yourself, anything is possible.

We have rich links with various businesses and organisations in our community and regularly work in partnership with them to create meaningful learning experiences for our pupils.  In addition, we have links with schools across our city as well as in Africa; both Kenya and Rwanda. To learn more, please go to the relevant pages in the school website.


Working in the Community Award – 2015

Global Citizenship Award – 2015

Cycle Friendly School

SportScotland Gold School Sport Award 2016-2018, 2018-2021

It’s Your Neighbourhood Award – Level 5 – Outstanding- 2016

Growing Smarter, Granite City Aberdeen – Gold 2016

JASS – Junior Award Scheme for Scotland

Aberdeen Sports Award – Highly Commended 2016