Magical Maths In May

Throughout May we are going to be looking at the Magic Of Maths.

Numbers and Maths are everywhere, and they AREN’T boring, dull or dry..!

Watch this introduction to see how numbers are all around us, and how we can all improve to love the magic of maths.


Make Maths Magical in May!


For the month of May Hazlehead Primary is going to celebrate the magic of maths in our daily lives and we want all families to take part with us. 

Maths is EVERYWHERE!!!! We challenge your family to find all the ways you use maths in your daily life. 

  • Visit our school website every day for Maths-fantastic family fun ideas!  
  • May 19th is National Numeracy Day.  Check out this website for ways you can boost your own math skills and Become a National Numeracy Day Champion.  
  • Why not challenge yourself and your family with “Real Life Maths in the Kitchen” and so much more? 
  • Family games night is a great way to have fun with maths.


Share your family’s Maths Magic stories with us and your family might get Incredible Work or a Shout Out in our weekly assembly.  Have fun everybody and remember math IS magical!