Mermaid Challenge

Round 5 Challenges

Green Question – Mrs Mathers has been working super hard and is now doing 60 lengths in a session – only if its an hour long.

If Mrs Mathers does 60 lengths in an hour – how long does it take her to do one length??

Blue Question – Mrs Mathers does a wee happy dance every 10 lengths (in her head, not in the pool)

This is because she knows that she has reached another milestone.  Can you work out what fraction of her target 60 lengths each block of 10 represents

Number of Lengths Fraction Of Total


Black Question – Speed = Distance divided by Time.

Mrs Mathers covers 1500 meters in 60 minutes.  What is her speed in meters per minute.?

There are 3600 seconds in 60 minutes.  What is Mrs Mathers speed in meters per second..?

As always, please provide any suggestions as to what other things Mrs Mathers could be thinking about when she is swimming up and down…..


P3CH Take The Baking Challenge

Well done everyone – everything, looks yummy..!!

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Mrs Mathers’s Mermaid Challenge….!!!

Please help Mrs Mathers work out some of her swimming maths…

Round 4 Challenges


Green Question – Mrs Mathers was swimming with the dolphins last night.  She was swimming with Ariel, her bestie.  They had 4 dolphin friends – Sparkles, Sprinkles, Squinky and Dean.  They had a post workout picnic on the beach after.  They each had 4 fish fingers in their sandwiches – how many fish fingers did they have in total…?  If there were 30 fish fingers in the box, how many does that leave Dean for his lunch today..?

Blue Question – Here is the graph of Mrs Mathers’s swims this month.

How many swims were below 1000 meters?  How many were exactly 1000 meters?  How many were more than 1000 meters.

Black Question – Its 58 days until the Tokyo Olympics (if they go ahead).  Mrs M is still hoping to be selected for Team GB.  Its 30 days until term ends, so Mrs Mathers is in school until then.  There are 4 weekends so how many working days does Mrs Mathers have where she can’t swim during the day?

Mrs Mathers is a person of the water and not a person of the air – she hates flying.  So, in order to get to her to Tokyo we need to drive and go by boat.

Here are the distances involved.

Mrs Mathers and her Olympic Entourage need to eat and sleep, so can only drive 800 miles a day. How long is the shortest time it can take, travelling 800 miles a day, to get to Tokyo?

If we leave on June 26th, what date will we arrive in Tokyo?

Standard Question – Please suggest some other things that Mrs Mathers can think about while she is swimming.

Round 3 Challenges

Green Question – Mrs Mathers’s swimming session starts at 7pm.  Mrs Mathers needs to drive to the swimming pool and get changed.  This takes 30 minutes. What time does Mrs Mathers need to leave the house?

Blue Question – When Mrs Mathers is in the water she actually becomes an actual mermaid…Mrs Mathers is going swimming tonight for an hour, and spent 15 minutes earlier on in the shower.  How long will Mrs Mathers be a mermaid for today?

Black Question – Here are Mrs Mathers distances for May so far

Always a fan of stats, can you let Mrs Mathers know the mean distance this month, the median distance and the mode distance.

Standard Question – Please suggest some other things that Mrs Mathers can think about while she is swimming.

Round 2 Challenges

Green Question – Mrs Mathers is going swimming tonight.  The car park holds 20 cars.  There are 4 members of staff and 13 swimmers in total.  All of them are taking a car each.  Will there be a space for Mrs Mathers’s car?  If the Sports Village puts on a training session for 4 more members of staff who each have a car, will Mrs Mathers still get a car park space?

Blue Question – Mrs Mathers swims backstroke a lot.  In order to stop backstroke swimmers hitting their heads on the wall, the swimming pool puts flags across the lane near the wall.  In the picture below, the red lines are the flags  If the pool lane is 25meters long, how long is each of the green sections between the flags and the wall.



If the pool is set up as a 50 meter length, the green area stays the same size.  What would be the length in between the flags in a 50 meter length?

Black Question – Mrs Mathers pays £25 per month for unlimited swimming at the Aquatics Centre.  So far this month she has been 7 times.  If she had to pay for each session it would cost £8 per session – how much would it have cost if she had paid for the sessions rather than a monthly fee?

Mr Mathers grumbles all the time – how much money can Mrs Mathers tell Mr Mathers she has saved when she has completed tonight’s session which will be session 8 in May?

Standard Question – Please suggest some other things that Mrs Mathers can think about while she is swimming.



Round 1 Challenges

Green Question – Mrs Mathers swam 44 lengths last week.  If she had done 3 LESS, how many lengths would she have swum?  If she had done 3 MORE  how many lengths would she have swum..?

Blue Question – The swimming pool is 25 meters long.  If it was 50 meters long how many lengths would Mrs Mathers have to swim to cover the same distance?  If it was a mega pool and was 100 meters long, how many lengths would Mrs Mathers have to swim to cover the same distance

Black Question – Mrs Mathers logs all her swims on her phone.  Here are the screenshots for May so far.

How many meters has Mrs Mathers done so far in May?

Her target for her Swim The Distance medal is 10,000m – how much further does she have to swim in May?  How 25M lengths is that…?

Standard Question – Please suggest some other things that Mrs Mathers can think about while she is swimming.






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First Challenge – The National Numeracy Challenge – Click on the logo



Math in the Kitchen for Young Children

Kitchen math doesn’t have to be used only with older children.  Even very young children can work on math concepts in the kitchen.

working on fractions in the kitchen1. Work on one-to-one correspondence by having them pick out how many items to get if each person at the meal needs one of something (such as a spoon).  A higher skill would to work on needing to give two to each person and so on.

2. Introduce the concept of fractions by having children cut or break things into two pieces, and then label that for them as “halves.”  You can then work on breaking things into fourths.

3. Make simple recipes together, such as a fruit salad, where you can count the items added into it.

4. Number recognition can be worked on with number shaped cookie cutters and a batch of sugar cookie dough.

Math in the Kitchen for Older Children

When children have moved beyond the simplest of kitchen tasks, it can be time to work on other types of kitchen math.

1. Prepare a favorite family recipe (with help).  For more complex math, baking can sometimes be preferable to cooking, as baking usually needs exact measurements.

2. Double or halve a recipe for students working on  fractions.  For their ease (and the safety of the recipe), it would be best to print out the recipe and have your children do all the math to either double or halve the recipe before working on actually preparing the recipe.

3. Work on metric measurements by using a recipe that was written by someone outside of the United States.  Many of those are in metric amounts, which can be great practice for an authentic experience (outside of science) for using metric.  (As a further step, if you are studying a foreign language from a country that uses the metric system, consider working on a recipe in that language.)

4. Practice division and fractions when serving food.  For example, ask children how many pierogies each of the five people in your family can have if there are 15 available.

5. Convert units.  How many pints in a gallon?  How many ounces are in a cup?  These are the types of things that regularly are done on worksheets and then forgotten.  In the kitchen, children will have a hands on chance to work on these concepts.

6. Create a budget.  Budgeting can be an extremely important kitchen skill.  While this doesn’t typically happen right in the kitchen, it greatly affects what goes on in the kitchen.  This is an amazing way to work on money (and food choices) in a very authentic way.