House Time

House Captains and Vice Captains


Captain: Thomas Anderson

Vice-Captain: Hannah Christie


Captain: Katie Brodie

Vice Captain: Adam Halliday


Captain: Lois Vang

Vice Captain: Cara Harvey


Captain: Ellie Ghani

Vice Captain: Gregor Morison

Pupil Participation

As part of our efforts to be a Rights Respecting School, we are working towards educating pupils, parents and the community on the Rights of the Child.  Article 12 of the Rights states that children have the right to share their opinion and have it considered.

In order to raise this awareness and to have the pupils more involved, the Hoouse Captains and Vice-Captains are taking responsibility for educating the school about the Golden Rules for Pupil Participation.

Each House Time, they will focus on a different Golden Rule and teach their house about it.  The rules are:

  1. Understand my rights
  2. A chance to be involved
  3. Remember – its my choice
  4. Value me
  5. Support Me
  6. Work Together
  7. Keep in Touch

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