Telling the time – with ourselves…!

P5M are a very OUTSIDE class so when we are learning about time, we can’t be contained in 4 walls…!

We told the time, on giant clocks, using ourselves as the hands

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We Are TOGETHER Again…!

We are so pleased to be back together again in school…!  We had some really important Messy Garden time to just be back together.

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Our Snow Creations

We are in lockdown but its snowing so we have been building….!!!

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Spelling Outside

in P5M we love being outside and this week we used natural resources to do our spelling words..!

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Its Igloo Building Time..!!

Our challenge today was to build an igloo in the messy garden that would fit 2 people…it was definately cold enough..!!!  We are so lucky to have time in the messy garden..!

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We went orienteering with Wendy….


First of all we learned what Orienteering is –



Then we did some…!!!


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We have been Identifying Trees

We’ve had some great fun in the Messy Garden identifying the trees that we have.

Term 2 Overview

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Download (PDF, Unknown)

Download (PDF, Unknown)

Measuring The Messy Garden..!!

We had a great time measuring in the Messy Garden this week using all sorts of different methods.

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We found some great fun ways to measure trees…!!

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Pentagon Chameleons

In our Art time with Miss Morrison this week we created some monochrome pentagon chameleons…!!

Did you know that the collective noun for a number of chameleons is a CAMOUFLAGE

Messy Garden Mini Mes…!!!

We made “mini me”s in the messy garden and we wrote adventure stories starring them…!!

Here are some photos and examples of our stories

The story begins in a tree and below the tree lives a mini me. In the tree- oh, who’s that. It’s me… and I’m asleep. I wake up and think: today is going to be an adventure. I get down and go under the tree to wake up mini me. We leave to get salad ingredients and we come back but the tree is gone! We go on an adventure. Making a living by shaping and carving sticks.


One day a girl called mini Erin went swimming and made a new friend called mini Matilda. After a few weeks Erin invited Matilda to go camping,when they got there they went to find wood for the fire and toasting marshmallows. For tea they found black berries and had a cinnamon roll for dessert. Later on they played card games in the tent and climbed trees. The next morning their friends, mini Annie and Kimberly came to visit, Annie took Erin and Matilda to her house.

The End


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All the classes in the school are using the Little People, Big Dreams series of books to concentrate on an inspiring individual.

P5M are looking into the life and work of

Beatrix Potter