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A Busy Week

HI everyone ! Greetings from P2.
Many of us went to the Christmas Fair on 21st Nov .There was a Bouncy Castle and other games to play.Christmas music was playing and there was even a Christmas Tree.There were Christmas decorations to buy and coffee and mince pies to be eaten .Thankyou to all the Parents, Parent Council and Teachers for organising this for us.

On St Andrew’s Day we are going to perform a ceilidh dance .Mrs Bruce has been teaching us . We have a partner ( the boys have to take a girl ! ).There is lots of clapping and twirling.It is good fun .

A lot of us were Star writers this week -we had to write about our Family and/or School.We had to have at least 5 capital letters , 5 full stops and 5 sentences.

This afternoon we are going to learn more songs from our Christmas Concert – Hey Ewe ! We do hope you will come and see us perform.