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Happy New Year

Welcome back to Primary 2 .We hope you had a nice Christmas .We are all looking forward to what 2013 will bring 🙂

Already we have been outside with Mrs Bruce and Miss Clark – we were looking for 2D and 3D shapes. A 2D shape is flat and a 3D shape is “thick” . We found squares,circles ,hexagons,octagons and triangles.

We were very lucky to have Mrs Aldus from P7 come to our class with an i-pad each for us to use . We played “Move it” .This was great fun – some of us found it pretty tricky !

We had to choose a MasterClass this week – lots of choice – Hama Beads, Playdoh, Construction, Bee Bots,Drawing/Scrapbooking,Storytime and Global Games. We had to choose our top 4 and poor Miss Bowie has to sort it all out .We start our class next week.

We have started a new Topic – ABERDEEN . We are going to make buildings that we know in Aberdeen from boxes and tubes we have taken in from home. We might try and built Marschal College, Hazlehead school or the Bandstand at the Duthie Park !