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Pancakes and Heartbeats

We hope you had a good mid-term break. You probably tucked in to a few pancakes on Shrove Tuesday, but did you know the meaning behind that tradition? We discovered it had to do with using up particular foods before Lent. This is the period of 40 days leading up to Easter during which Christians recognise the 40 days Jesus spent in the desert, enduring temptation, before beginning his three years of ministry. Shrove comes from ‘shriven’, which means ‘to be forgiven’, because God always forgives us if we are sorry and ask him. There are some other traditions linked to Pancake Day, so we had a pancake race, using round bats and coloured circles; a bit crazy, but fun!

As part of our topic on the Human Body, we took part in a class activity to see how our heart and lungs work together to get oxygen around our body. Everyone worked very hard and concentrated on their role very well so that it really helped our understanding. Well done!

During this last week we had a chance to use some new mini-whiteboards. They are covered with a grid of 2cm squares and proved ideal for drawing bar graphs. Everyone enjoyed using them and it helped our confidence as mistakes were easily sorted out. On Thursday we had a visit from Stiubhart, form Craigiebuckler Church. He always has something fun for us to learn from. This time he got us thinking about which hand we use for particlar activities so we could see if we are left or right side dominated. We had some of both, as well as some pupils who have strengths on both sides! Stiubhart used his idea to link with our topic and also to remind us that, no matter who we are, God loves us and has created us all in unique and special ways.

A quick reminder; on Wednesday we will be heading to Satrosphere. Please bring your packed lunch: we still have adult places available if you are free and would like to help. Thank you