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Ahoy There !!

The newtopic for primary 2is Pirates!!!

To start our topic with the WOW factor we had a visit from Captain Percy Pugwash. He gave usa pirate scrollwith achallengeon it , The challenge was “How do you tell the difference between living and non living things?We are going to do different activities over the next few weeks to try and find out the answer. If we can find a good answer for Captain Pugwash, he has agreed to come in again to set us a different challenge.

Captain Percy Pugwash had a red parrot on his shoulder, its name was Polly. The captain was very funny andhe told some jokes.

We are really looking forward to our topic and we have been bringing in lots of books, pirate costumes and other super resources which will really help us learn about pirates. We would like to thank all the parents and friends who have helped by sending in these interesting things.

On Thursday we learned about World Book Day. Wewere asked to create a door display featuring a favourite book. We chose to think about Winnie the Pooh and made a lovely door display which you can see a photo of below.

On Friday we designedan Eco House for a competition set by our Eco Group. We had to think what would make a house eco-friendly such as insulation and solar panels. We are hoping that someone in our class will win the competition.