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Baptism, Science and Engineering

Even though it was very cold and windy last Monday, we set off for a visit to Sheddocksley Baptist Church. We had found out a bit about baptism for babies, but at this church you can be baptised as a grown up or an older child. We all went into the tank where people are baptised, but we didn’t get wet as there was no water in it. One of the class thought it was amazing and would like to go back again. Another thought it was very exciting to be there. Some of the pupils did not know that other people, not just babies could be baptised. Most people enjoyed the song we asng at the end.

On Friday, the whole school celebrated Science and Engineering Week.In P3, first of all we did six different things. Most enjoyed trying to fit things together to make a bulb light up. Others liked working with the remote control submersible. We had a really good set of Science books to look at about brilliant inventions. We tested different boomerangs to see which was the best, found magnetic objects in the classroom and tried different surfaces to find slippy ones and the one which stuck the most. After that we worked in pairs on an engineering task. The challenge was toimprove on a design and try to make it work better.It was called Hamish’s Helicopter, after ourhighland cow puppet. Donald and Christina were the champions, making their design stay in the air the longest.