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Red Nose Day and a few other things!

On World Book Day, some P7 pupils went to visit classes and read part of their favourite books. Kelsey came to read Danny the Champion of the World. We thought it was superb, awesome and interesting. We did a display about Julia Donaldson because she is very famous and has written lots of children’s books. Some of our favourites are The Gruffalo and The Superworm. We think she is incredible and amazing.

We enjoyed it when Baranika’s mum and baby sister came to visit. It was great. She was very organised and told us what the baby ate, showed us nappies and her favourite toys. We thought it was wonderful and excellent! The baby was very cute!

We liked the Red NoseDay talent show at school. Some people in the class took part in front of the whole school. It was fun but scary! The Bake sale was awesome! The cakes were delicious and yummy! The Fun Sports were superb! Some people dressed up in their pyjamas and others wore red. Everyone paid 1 to help Comic Relief. All the money goes to help people in the UK or Africa who don’t have very much.

It was good when we were cutting and sticking to make our Mothers’ Day cards. We liked writing the messages inside the card. Some of the mums thought they were very pretty, as well as fabulous and wonderful.