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Dobbies Shopping Spree


These P5 pupils who are valuable members of the school’s ECO Working Group accompanied Miss. Bowie and Mrs. Farquharson to Dobbies today. As part of our Action Plan, we have extended our garden so that it now has 5 patches. We want to include a herb garden, vegetable patch and wildlife sensory area. This is part of our ambition to achieve Green Flag status.

At Dobbies, we met the fabulous Kathy who leads the community links programme. When we asked her if Dobbies could help us, she said they would be delighted and told us to come up. When we arrived today she simply told us to fill our trolleys! Dobbies was incredibly generous and we are so grateful for their amazing support.

We can’t wait to get everything planted and know our garden will look spectacular! We will invite Kathy down soon so she can see how Dobbies have helped us!

Thank you, Dobbies! Miss. Bowie