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5 .. 4 .. 3 .. 2 .. 1 .. Lift Off!


Mr. Crowther is currently teaching P5 Science. The pupils are learning how to conduct a fair test and write up a Science report based on an experiment.

The pupils are investigating if the size of the nose affects the flight of a rocket. The pupils have been working very hard to create some amazing rockets. The pupils wrote their prediction as to what they think is going to happen. One group finished this afternoon and launched their rocket. What happened? It successfully launched into the air! Well done!

When all the rockets have been launched, the pupils will be self assessing how well they did against clear success criteria.

Mr. Crowther informs me that the pupils are really enthusiastic and engaged in the learning in this Science block. He has also been impressed with some of the vocabulary used and thoughtful questions asked by some pupils! Keep up the good work P5!

Miss. Bowie