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Week beginning 13th May

There has been an addition to the Primary One classrooms. The boys and girls in Primary One arrived at school to find a Bug Research Lab in their classroom.


DSC00816The boys and girls have enjoyed exploring the Lab as part of their Nature Detectives Topic.

DSC00802 DSC00805 DSC00806 DSC00807 DSC00808 DSC00809 DSC00810 DSC00811 DSC00812 DSC00813 DSC00815 DSC00817 DSC00819 DSC00820 DSC00821 DSC00822 DSC00823 DSC00824


Some boys and girls created their own flower garden out of shapes for our minibeasts to live on.

DSC00790 DSC00789 DSC00788 DSC00787 DSC00786 DSC00785


Also this week we partnered up with nursery to release the butterflies they had watched grow.

DSC00835 DSC00836


Later in the week we went on our first minibeast hunt as a class. We focused on looking around the grassy areas of the playground- we found lots of really interesting minibeasts!

DSC00839 DSC00841 DSC00842 DSC00843 DSC00844 DSC00845 DSC00848 DSC00849 DSC00850 DSC00851