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Science Week

Science week began on Monday 26th of May 2014. On the Monday, engineers visited and did two challenges with us. Our first challenge was a process one which was called Whos been eating my porridge? We learned a song about how to grow oats. The second challenge was a properties one called The Potter. For this challenge we listened to a story about Goldilocks and then took turns to feel items from her house. We couldnt see them so we had to describe to the class what they felt like and then guess what they were. We did two more challenges during the week with our teacher. We built a den for baby bear using blocks for the third challenge (Prototype challenge). We worked in small groups and made sure that baby bear had a door, windows and a roof to keep baby bear safe and warm. The final challenge was to design a garden for baby bear (design challenge). We included swings, a slide, bicycles and grass for baby bear to play on. At the end of the four challenges we filled in our log books and were awarded an Agricultural, Material, Civil and Design Engineer Award.

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