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Food Bank Collection Now Permanent

We had wonderful success in the run up to Christmas with our food bank and we have decided to make this a permanent fixture in the school – giving our learners some amazing opportunities to look at charity work, citizenship, empathy and kindness.

The foodbank will be situated in the rotunda outside the medical room and children can drop off anytime.

What To Donate…?

We cannot accept perishable goods for the foodbank or anything requiring to be chilled.

We can accept things which aren’t food – toileteries, household cleaners, laundry detergent, sanitary products, baby products (inc nappies).

We can also accept other items like pet food, or bedding


Tinned and Packet Soup

Pasta Sauces

Tinned Tomatoes

Pasta / Rice Lentils

Savoury Rice


Pasta ‘n’ Sauce

Tinned Vegetables

Instant mash / tinned potatoes

Tinned Meat

Tinned Fish

Vegetable Oil

The Food

Milk (UHT )

Tea Bags (small – pack of 40)


Coffee (small jar)

Fruit Juice (UHT Carton)

Cereal and Porridge Oats

Rice or Sponge Pudding (tinned)


Tinned Fruit


Biscuits / snack bars


The food bank would prefer small packs and tins with ring pulls as this allows items to be passed to single people and small families too.

Food should be in date and undamaged.