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The Cost Of Lost Property

Lost property continues to be a problem in school.

Unclaimed lost property is removed from the Lost Property area after 2 weeks.

The monetary value of the items currently in Lost Property is shown below.  These items have accumulated over the past 2 weeks.  All these items are unlabelled.

Please encourage your child to take responsibility for their items, and check they are wearing the clothes home that they wore coming into school (esp sweatshirts and jackets).

Lost Property Value – 14/06/19
Sweatshirts 9 £90
Cardigan 1 £12
Polo 2 £16
Gym Tshirt 2 £10
Hoodie 1 £13
Non Uniform
Jackets 7 £140
Water Bottles 2 £6
Sunglasses 2 £8
Prescription Glasses 1 £30
Total Value £325
Values assumed for Non-Uniformed Items
Jackets £20
Water Bottles £3
Sunglasses £4
Prescription Glasses £30