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JRSO Bike Clinic – Can You Help?

Dear parents/guardians,


We are contacting you on behalf of the Junior Road Safety Team. In advance of the better weather coming, we are looking to hold a bike safety check day, as more people will be coming to school on their bikes.  We would look to hold this at some point before Easter, but the date will be confirmed in due course.


We are looking for anyone who could come in to help us check children’s bikes to ensure that they are safe.  This would include things like checking brakes, chains, gears and wheels.


Children will be asked to sign up to participate in this activity.  They would bring their bikes to school for one day to get checked over.


If you think that this is something you could be involved in, we would be delighted and it would help a lot of children feel safer. If you would be able to help in any way with these checks please would you respond to this email.


Kind Regards

Libby and Aleksandr, P6

“The JRSO team”