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Dear Friend…

With those in our care homes experiencing a whole different level of isolation, I setup a project called Dear Friend. Dear Friend is FREE to everyone with the simple goal of letting those vulnerable individuals in our care homes know they are not alone.

People simply visit the website and fill out the form. This is then reviewed internally and sent on to the care homes that have signed up. It’s that simple. People are sending well wishes, telling stories of their Lockdown, drawing pictures and even sharing secrets of their past. It’s been a truly warming experience not just for the recipients, but for the care workers and to those writing the letter too.

Over the past few months, Dear Friend has processed and sent over 3,000 letters to care homes not only in Aberdeen, but in Glasgow, Edinburgh, London and Ireland and has been featured on various outlets including BBC Scotland Radio.

All information is private to Dear Friend, is operated via enterprise level secure systems and in accordance with the GDPR.