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Parent Council – Christmas Hamper Appeal

Our Wonderful Parent Council are looking for donations to their Christmas Hamper Appeal.  This raises a lot of money for the school and the prizes are out of this world.

Our Theme this year is The World Cup.

Each class is studying a different World Cup country this term, and the hampers the class are collecting for reflect the colour of that country’s flag..!

Please see the list below

Nursery: The Whole World – Rainbow coloured items

P1S: France – red, white or blue items

P1D: Mexico – red, white or green items

P2S: Croatia – red, white or blue items

P2NM: USA – red, white or blue items

P3P: Ghana – yellow, green, black or red items

P3MO: Brazil – yellow or green items

P4W: Senegal – red, yellow or green items

P4FM: Germany – red, yellow or black items

P5M: Morrocco – red or green items

P5FK: South Korea – red, white, black or blue items

P6: Poland – red or white items

P6/7: Australia – blue, white or red items

P7: Spain – red or yellow items