Term 3:

We are back together!



IDL Topic work on “Green Scotland”

We have researched about different types of energies. We also experimented with different energy types such as wind and solar power. Ask your child about the experiments and what they have learned.


Term 2:

The P3 children show a lot of enthusiasm when doing Numeracy, Literacy, IDL and HWB(outdoor learning). Practical work in groups and pairs is what they often choose first and enjoy most. You can see how much fun they have learning with their friends and peers.

These are some more meaningful maths activities the children have been engaged in this term: They have learned about shapes and their properties, worked on place value by making apples and baskets from playdough and printed and drawn symmetrical flowers demonstrating their learning and thinking about symmetry.



IDL – Art in Term 1:

We have been creating various pieces of art including dream catchers with wool and feathers, , Georgia o’Keeffe’s inspired abstract art and flowers with paints, crafted wooden stars and painted pebbles with doors into our future. We will be hiding the pebbles in the messy garden for other children to find!




Numeracy in Term1:

The children very much enjoyed practical Maths activities such as measuring, working on addition and multiplication with Numicon shapes, problem solving in mental maths and making 3D shapes from spaghetti and clay.


HWB and IDL:

We have been learning about the artist Georgia O’Keeffe and have been thinking about our goals, targets and future dreams by painting, making dream catchers and stars from natural material, playing confidence games and giving each other compliments. More photos will follow soon.




All the classes in the school are using the Little People, Big Dreams series of books to concentrate on an inspiring individual.

P3CH are looking into the life and work of

Georgia O’Keefe