After finishing a block of imaginative writing, we have started learning how to write letters. We started by writing letters to Santa. The success criteria was

  • layout is correct – including date and title
  • use the proper greetings and endings – Dear and Love from/Yours sincerely,
  • tell the reader why you are writing to them




We learnt about Vincent Van Gough and his famous picture ‘Starry Night’. We used oil pastels to create our own versions. They look beautifully bright.



How can we keep Hazlehead healthy? That is the big challenge P4T and P7 are working on this term. P4T have been tasked with running a ‘Health Week’ for P1-3. We will have to plan activities, organise resources and

produce videos. Jammin Andy, a motivational speaker, gave us some tips and techniques through a Google Meet to help. Thanks Andy!



Our topic this term has a Health and Well-being focus. This week we had Kit bag session outside. We used the calming oil, listened to a soothing story and took turns handing out different emotion cards to each other. The task required good listening so the class came up with Success Criteria to help us keep on track.



We have been getting creative in P4T!

Inspired by the famous artist, Georgia O’Keefe, P4T painted some poppies for Remembrance Day.

We blended different shades of yellow, orange and red to create a natural looking poppy.

With Mrs Fisher we used pastels and chalks to create lively and dynamic firework pictures for Guy Fawkes Day.



We’ve been learning and practising the x2, x4, and x8 times table. They are all linked together – by doubling each time. In order to visually see the times tables we’ve been laying out arrays at home and at school. In class we’ve found it useful to use tools such as 100 square, cubes and bead strings to help us do repeated addition to work out multiplication problems.


We welcome Miss McRobert to our class – who will be working with us for the next few weeks.

In P4T we like to practise our spelling words in interesting, active ways using lots of different resources. This week we were painting our words outside using lots of different colours. The bonus of painting outside is the clean up is easy!


Click below for our Term 2 Overview

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All the classes in the school are using the Little People, Big Dreams series of books to concentrate on an inspiring individual.

P4T are looking into the life and work of

David Attenborough