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P4 27.4.15 – 30.4.15

DSC03255This is what we have learnt in P4 this week:

Leah: “I have learnt about fractions of quantities.”

Sheen: “I have learnt how to write higehr order questions.”

Katie: “We have learnt about the Scottish inventors. I learnt that Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone and he had 2 sons and 2 daughters.”

Cara: “I learnt about Sir James Young Simpson. I learnt lots of facts about him such as he invented anaesthetic.”

Jamie: “I learnt about a Scottish inventor called Sir Alexander Fleming – he invented penicillin.”

Wande: “I learnt about james Boyd Dunlop – he invented Dunlop tyres.”

Gregor: “I learnt about Kirkpatrick MacMillan – he invented the first pedal bicycle.”

Kirsty: “I learnt about John McAdam and he invented tarmac.”

Lucy: “I researched James Watt and I found out that he had 3 brothers and 2 sisters. He invented the steam train.”

Callie: “I learnt about James Chalmers and I found out that he invented the stamps and that he has a brother, a mum, a dad and a son.”

This week we have enjoyed:

Vishnu: “I’ve enjoyed making our pet resucing machines.”

Stella: “I enjoyed today when we were making our machines to help save our pet.”

David C: “I enjoyed playing maths games on the computer – I got my best score of 35 our of 35 on Hit the Button!”

Leah: “I enjoyed making the posters about the inventors.”

Kirsty: “I enjoyed finding out what fractions are.”

Danielle: “I enjoyed learning about the inventors.”

Katie: “I enjoyed PE because we were doing lots of fun activities.”

Sheen: “I enjoyed learning about fractions.”

Wande: “I enjoyed learning about fractions of quantities.”

Victoria: “I enjoyed making the pet resuing machines.”

Nathan: “I liked when we had our photos taken because we had to say funny things.”

We have been proud of:

Leah: “I felt proud of all the posters we made about the inventors.”

Katie: “I was proud of the pet resuce task because we worked well in our teams.”

Wande: “I felt proud of how we worked with people we don’t usually work with.”

Callie: “I’m proud of myself for trying my best with the fractions.”

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